A collection of spatial stories made with urban Jo’burg

Backstory was an urban spatial story-collecting/sharing project with the users, managers and makers of the city known as Johannesburg.

The project took the form of a collaboratively built digital installation in Braamfontein, Johannesburg where stories and city-data met through a series of workshops, discussions and exhibitions.

The installation aimed to bring together different types of city inhabitants and make this confluence of data and stories more accessible to the people of Joburg.


Backstory Collective

Project Collaborator List: [Backstory Collective] Sumayya Vally, Sarah De Villiers, Jhono Bennett, Liz Ogbu [Hactivate] Taylor Holloway, Joana Ferro, Nico Vermeulen, Debbie Benjamin, Euridice Paiva, Mudney Salim,  Binayka Rama; [Saturday Salon] Natache Lilonga and Tova Lubinsky, Sumayya Mohamed; [Picture Book] Miliswa Ndziba,  [Brum Sessions] Pandeani Liphosa, Aviwe Mandyanda

Backstory Supporters/Funders

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